Topic: Web Technologies, Date: 27/11/2016

What is it?

2afraid2ask is a basic polling website which was made during the HackNotts Hackathon. The purpose of the site is to create small stupid questions that you have always wanted to know the answer to, but never had the courage to ask anyone. These questions (or polls) are displayed on the main page of the site where other users can vote on what they think the answer is. If they don't agree with any of the current answers then they can create their own (provided that they are logged into the site). One of the objectives of the Hackathon was to raise awareness of cyber-bullying. This meant that we should incorporate some sort of reporting functionality or an equivalent to our projects. For us, reporting offensive polls or answers would be a great inclusion to the project.

How was it made?

The site is built using many dependencies and languages:


Since the Hackathon, I have updated the design and some functionality of the site. The biggest change is the look of the home page. More polls can now fit on the screen at any given time and there is a nice bit of responsive design too! Unfortunately, I did have to remove the search functionality as our quota for the free trial of Algolia search had been reached (Sorry Jem and Owen).


An example of the original design A screenshot of the new design A screenshot of the login page


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