LWJGL 3D Engine

Topic: 3D Games/Engine, Date: 12/12/2015


LWJGL is an openGL variant for Java programming, this engine is designed to use LWJGL in order to open and display 3D models as well as other various tasks.

The aim of this engine is to abstract away some of the openGL function calls and make programmatically displaying 3D models and textures very easy. The engine will also be capable of being used as a lower level game creation engine, as it will be effortless to load and move entities around the screen.

The LWJGL engine was the second openGL engine I made. It was a way of combining Java (the language I use the most) and a previous project I enjoyed making. Overall I am happy with the progress made, as it has reaffirmed some knowledge on openGL and ported a beloved project to a language I am more comfortable with.


A screenshot of a boid simulation A screenshot of a 3D model of the millennium falcon A screenshot of a rotating cube


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