Topic: Challenges, Date: 12/02/2016


The idea behind this small challenge was to create a mastermind game for a user to play. The original concept was to allow for just textual inputs, and so have the game as a terminal based one. However, I found that the challenge was finished fairly quickly, so I decided to use this challenge as a way of recalling java swing and to learn javaFX.

The swing game was not too hard to create as I already knew all of the components and how they interacted with each other from when I was making mwindow. This meant that all I needed to do was to plan out the games UI layout. Once the layout draft had been made and I had a rough idea of how to implement it, I started to write the code for it. As far as actually writing the code for the swing application, I didn't have any real issues with it.

The javaFX version of the game however was more challenging to me as it was a new set of classes and window lifecycle to get used to. Luckily I have had a little bit of experience with android UI development and so getting used to the javaFX packages wasn't too much of a stretch. The Scene Builder tool allows for easy creation of FXML files, this made designing the UI much easier. Once I had gotten my head around how the javaFX packages work, I found them to be more useful than its java swing counterpart. Not to mention the fact that the basic look and feel for the javaFX components is much better.


A screenshot of the javaFX version of the mastermind game A screenshot of the java swing mastermind game A screenshot of the terminal based mastermind game


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