Password Creator

Topic: Security, Date: 17/07/2016


This is a basic password generator built using javaFX. The passwords are created using the character list specified in the TextArea, with a length from the password length spinner. Passwords are generated randomly selecting individual characters from the character list. It is important to note that this is not a set and therefore duplicate characters in the character list will increase the probability of that character occurring in the password. The entropy value signifies the variation in the password and is calculated by the following: Num of Characters $ = n$, Password length $= p$, Possible combinations $=n^p$. We can therefore calculate the password entropy (Shannon entropy) via $H = \log_2(n^p)$

This project has since been updated to use the javafx custom window decoration in order to give it a better aesthetic appeal. The project for this can be found in the UI section. The general gist is that I created an undecorated window and then added a styled BorderPane with drag controls, similar to that of the MWindow project.


A screenshot showing the password creator after it has generated a new password A screenshot showing the password creator's ability to use custom character sets A screenshot showing the password creator after it has been styled using a custom window decoration


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